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Invisible Web Tracker and Web Analytics System

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How ekmPinpoint Works

The effort required to integrate EkmPinpoint into any website new or existing is minimal at most.  The website tracker functions via a small piece of tracker code that is inserted into your website on every page. 

EkmPinpoint catches as much data as possible on your visitors here is a brief rundown of what is captured...

  • Website Entry Page
  • Visitor Navigation Activity
  • Website Exit Page
  • Referring Link
  • Search engine and Search Keyword
  • Visitor Country
  • IP address
  • Internet Browser
  • Screen Resolution
  • Computer Operating System
How EkmPinpoint Works

With ekmPinpoint we believe that the easiest way for you to review your statistics is to let you decide on their appearance.  Most statistics in ekmPinpoint can be renamed or ignored using a customizable rules system to tailor your statistics to your needs.

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